Ullmann background, the data on all the individuals who over time have been working for and managing the company, shows a company that has grown in time as an integral part of the community “with which” and “into which” it operates.

A company which stands for a strong Social and Environmental Responsibility ethic, and aspires to be looked upon as an asset in its area, deserving of its reputation and playing a  role in fostering a climate of trust towards the market.

Our aim from day one has been to implement all round best practice, confident that our business ethic fits in life and passion in a wider sense.

A company which stands for a strong Social and Environmental Responsibility ethic

Safety and Environmental sustainability

Adopting best practices for a mainly globally sourcing and importing business such as ours, means first and foremost to pay great attention to the issue of products safety. A crucial aspect of this consists in fulfilling mandatory registration, as stipulated within REACH (Registration,Evaluation,Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) European Regulations as well as abiding to EU labelling procedure. A major company commitment that lends value to brands and products we distribute, ensuring full compliance to EU standards, as well as guaranteeing company transparency.

Just as important is our care and commitment in our production of adhesive labeling and safety cards drafted in Italian by a qualified certification firm.

We unceasingly look for, test and select new products to meet the requirements and concerns of an ever more environmental issues’ aware market.