Skill and professionality in Customer Service

The quality of our work stems from our highly experienced and professional staff.

Antonella, who has been dealing with customers and sales agents relations for 30 years, Daniela who has now been in charge of Customer Service for 25yrs, Massimiliano who runs stocks and warehouse dispatch: he has packed over 40.000 units for dispatch in his 24 yrs service at Ullmann! Claudio has been heading Technical Assistance for 11 yrs, Fabiano, employed 15 yrs ago is involved in order picking and assembly, whilst Laura, has been the port of call for all admin related matters since 1992. Last but not least, Guido, Alfredo and Polliana, who most recently joined our ranks and files and together manage all company PR and Marketing work.



The Ullmann family business was established in Genoa in 1931 and has been operating ever since as a renowned distributor across the whole of Italy for hardware, tools ranges, building industry equipment, paint colours, wallpapers, DIY, creative arts products. Currently it caters to about 2000 customers between wholesalers and retailers.

Our strength lies in a flair for sourcing, selecting and testing goods from highly specialized companies able to manufacture all round innovative products, be it in terms of technology or/and materials and designs.

Our General Sales Catalogue displays over 2000 items, split out into 7 sections: professional markers, creative markers, cutting devices, measuring tools, spatulas and scrapers, refurbishing and maintenance, building industry equipment.

We are confident in our carefully selected products: indeed, vouching personally for their high quality, durability, high performance and value for money is part and parcel of our business policy.

We deal with worldwide operating manufacturers – from Japan to USA- showcasing their products and consistently enhancing market standing as well as thoroughly managing distribution.

Our head office boasts a 2000 sqm. area of warehouse buildings and a stockpiling facility of over 1000sqm. under one roof, ensuring full availability of our goods ranges at all times, thus allowing prompt and timely deliveries all over the country and beyond.


The year 2016 marked a momentous milestone: Ullmann celebrated its 85 successful years in business.

The business approach consistently adopted over these 85 years has been to source, test and market high quality, reliable and durable products, that’s to say against the grain to the current credo of “disposable” products.

A philosophy passed down through three generations: from Enrico Ullmann who established the company in 1931, to his son Gianfranco and his grandchildren Enrico and Lucia who nowadays jointly manage the family firm.

Ullmann background testifies to his ability in successfully operating as a family business, typically Italian in set up but with a global outlook, as proved by its long term business partnerships with manufacturers and exporters from all over the world.

Furthermore, passion, motivation, high standards and confidence in the trust won as a distributor countrywide are backed up by our drive to always stay a step ahead of the market. In the light of this, some of the main initiatives recently undertaken, such as bringing in a brand new tablet app tailor made for sales agents, full review of the sales catalogue, with eye catching graphics and pictures and greater care in targeting communication, should be seen as wholly consistent with this principle.

Further planned investments concern the installing of new admin software and top to bottom renovation of our head offices.