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We source our brands strictly by means of scrupulous and thorough searches on a global basis, placing our bet on highly specialized companies able to provide premium products that stand out from what is on offer on the market.

We have entertained mutually beneficial commercial relations with a number of offshore based brands for over a decade, now further consolidated and standing as guarantee of product quality, durability and high performance for many of our customers.

A notable feature of relations with suppliers, is our ongoing swapping of ideas, proposals, suggestions and updated feedback on Italian market trends, not to mention careful and consistent consultancy on safety issues and conformity to EU regulatory matters.

We can justifiably look upon our company as an experienced, reputable business partner, with proven ability in putting forward fast and effective solutions to any problem, in addition to close monitoring of our business endeavors, reporting results yearly to our suppliers.



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One the earliest brands featured on our catalogue was the Japanese Tajima: back in 1976, our company founder Enrico Ullmann was among the first to import to Italy Tajima cutters and snap-blades, marking the start of a commercial partnership that’s gone from strength to strength year after year.

Today, over 100 Tajima items are available through the catalogue: from cutters to flexometers, the range expanding along the way to include japanese cut saws, scrapers, silicone applying guns, professional plumb lines, drywall rasps and laser measuring tools.

A veritable added value range for stockists and retailers.

Another historic brand we have been distributing in Italy since 1980 is Snowman.

These markers have virtually revolutionized the market by guaranteeing an unfailingly professional finish , coupled with versatility and ease of use, as well as offering a wide choice of colours, marker sizes, tips shapes and ink/paint types.

Snowman products are showcased across the first 10 pages of the catalogue, where over 85 items are covered by high resolution, life size pictures.

Among the markers section, a place of honour has been earned by Scratch Fix: the very first wood touch up, nicknamed “the furniture saver”: its amazing effectiveness and practicality has made it a one of a kind product on the market, still unrivaled since 1970.

Our partnership with its American manufacturer Miller family, stretches way back to the days of the Miller Sprayer compressor first appearance in Italy in 1960.

It is our wish to further enhance the standing of this product, as a result of which we have designed a special display with integrated monitor and tutorial – watch on, clearly showing its superior effectiveness and ease of use.

To completion of the markers offer, the well-known Marvy-Uchida branded products, much appreciated by craftsmen, DYEers and artists alike, which we have been dealing in since 2002.

The range Decocolor leads on our catalogue section devoted to creative markers, thanks both to its uncommonly wide range of available shades - 28 including gold, silver and copper - and application versatility plus excellent paint grade: indelible, water resistant, odorless, lead and acids free: in a word, totally safe to use.


Among the brands most recently welcomed on board by Ullmann to meet the increasing market demand for high- tech, innovative products for professional use, we’d like to highlight:

Digi-Pas, a company born out of Singapore Techno Village, at the cutting edge of smart-inclinometers and state of the art digital levels manufacturing, featuring 2-Axis and 3-Axis Super-MEMS Technology.

Kapro, a measuring devices manufacturer owning over 100 current patented designs, the sole company awarded the coveted, prestigious German quality mark VPA.

Laitz, a High-Tech firm originating from a Tsinghua University of Beijing Chinese Start-Up, maker of unique laser EDMs, incomparable for stability, performance and design.